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PEER, 97-99 Hoxton Street, London N1 6QL

Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart: Love Life

Love Life by Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart, 2016

A wicker basket spits hay across the floor from its gormless mouth. Papier-mâché masks with hooked noses and chins, a pair of hessian arms ending in red hands and a roughly hewn cudgel are nestled in a rustic bed. Jessie Bond reviews a collaborative exhibition by artists Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart.

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Jan Colle Gallery, Jakob van Caeneghemstraat 16, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Egon Van Herreweghe and Thomas Min: The Ideal Husband

The Ideal Husband, installtion view at Jan Colle Gallery, 2016.

‘The Ideal Husband’, an exhibition of work by Egon Van Herreweghe and Thomas Min, is primarily shaped by its location. The characteristics of the venue are taken as a starting point for this show, which is a careful survey of notions related to virility, masculinity and manhood in modern times. Review by Josephine Van De Walle.

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