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Paradise Works, East Philip Street, Salford, Manchester, M3 7LE

Nick Jordan: Mental State Signs

Nick Jordan: Mental State Signs installation view

Alongside his artistic practice, Nick Jordan has spent a number of years filming mental health training videos for the University of Manchester’s hospital teaching unit, encountering many cases of ‘disorder’ as a result. This latest body of work, presented at Paradise Works, on the border between Manchester and Salford, responds to one kind of psychosis in particular: a manifestation of schizophrenia known as ‘thought broadcasting’, whereby patients believe that their thoughts are being transmitted and heard by others. Review by Sara Jaspan

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Castlefield Gallery, 2 Hewitt Street Manchester, M15 4GB

Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce

Ruth Barker, Victory, 2013, Her whole self, 2018

Set against the backdrop of the centenary celebrations of the suffragette movement, Castlefield Gallery's exhibition – which is co-commissioned with the University of Salford Art Collection – is the result of Ruth Barker and Hannah Leighton-Boyce's year-long research and production residencies. Throughout 2017, the two artists exchanged ideas from their respective locations in Salford and Glasgow; each delving into the long-standing archives of either the University of Salford Art Collection or the Glasgow Women's Library in order to formulate new visual narratives. Review by Selina Oakes

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Castlefield Gallery, 2 Hewitt Street Manchester, M15 4GB

AND A 123

Aand a 123 installation view

The title for Castlefield Gallery’s exhibition, AND A 123, suggests a pace and a child-like playfulness that is experienced throughout this cohesive group show. Review by Eli Regan

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Manchester International Festival, various venues

Manchester International Festival

What is the City but the People launch event for Manchester International Festival.

Incorporating a programme of music, dance, theatre and contemporary art, Manchester International Festival is expansive. With daily broadcasts by BBC 6 Music’s Radcliffe and Maconie and regular email updates on what to do at MIF landing in my inbox, it can be difficult to find one’s own way into and through the programme beyond the mediated story of the festival with its pervasive marketing and slick imagery. Yet perhaps this very mediation provides an additional facet to the theme of storytelling that seems to echo throughout MIF’s varied programme. Laura Mansfield reviews

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The Portico Library, 57 Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3HY

Cut Cloth: Contemporary Textiles and Feminism

Cut Cloth, The Portico Library, installation view

‘Cut Cloth’ presents an encounter with ten artists who work at the intersection of textiles and feminism. It constitutes an important snapshot of the ongoing conversation. Review by Elspeth Mitchell

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Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL

Matthew Darbyshire: An Exhibition for Modern Living

Matthew Darbyshire: An Exhibition for Modern Living, installation view at Manchester Art Gallery

Darbyshire’s work critically examines the language of design, sculpture and our relationship to lived environments. The artist explores the concept of collecting, not only in terms of an institutional critique, but also the way we amass objects for the home, shop or office and what these objects say about us.

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Islington Mill, James Street, Salford M3 5HW

Maurice Carlin: Performance Publishing

Maurice Carlin, 'Performance Publishing: Regent Trading Estate', Installation view, 2015

Maurice Carlin’s ‘Performance Publishing’ is a work that was originally installed in this former storage warehouse near Manchester’s Islington Mill in 2013. It consists of 136 CMYK scale prints that map the space’s floor, produced over three months using Carlin’s own relief technique derived from ancient Chinese stone rubbings, and all streamed live on a webcam. Review by Helena Haimes

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The Whitworth, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6ER

The M+ Sigg Collection: Chinese Art from the 1970s to Now

The M+ Sigg Collection: Chinese Art from the 1970s to Now, The Whitworth, Manchester. Central Gallery

Uli Sigg’s unique collection of Chinese Art is currently being displayed in Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery for the first and only time in the UK. All of the works - through their very existence under a noticeably oppressive state - are unified by a polemic of self-expression. Review by Josh Wilson

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Castlefield Gallery, 2 Hewitt St, Manchester M15 4GB

Real Painting

Foreground: Simon Callery Wiltshire, Modulor ii, 2010, Background: Adriano Costa, Piece, 2014

This is an exhibition of paintings that exist on their own terms, for their own sake, works that provide a physical presence and don’t just passively sit on a wall to be admired. Review by Tom Emery

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CFCCA, Market Buildings, 13 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1EU

Clemens Wilhelm: SIMULACRA

Clemens Wilhelm, SIMULACRA, 2014

Clemens Wilhelm engages with the game of fakes, copies and mechanical reproductions that is making society increasing synthetic. The exhibition is reviewed by Dominika Mackiewicz.

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