Courtroom Café, 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow

Seeing Things

Installation view

'By leaving traces of the building’s former incarnations as living space, restaurant and courtroom café partially evident, the exhibition plays to the site’s latent narratives.' Review by Guo-Liang Tan

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Heathrow Terminal 2, London

Richard Wilson RA: Slipstream

Slipstream by richard wilson at heathrows new terminal 2 the queens terminal. photograher david levene

Heathrow today unveiled Slipstream, by renowned British artist Richard Wilson, which is set to become one of Britain’s most viewed public sculptures, seen by 20 million passengers a year.

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Calvert 22, 22 Calvert Ave, London E2

Club of Friends

Sergei 'Afrika' Bugaev, Georgy Gurjanov, Oleg Kolomiychuk and Timur Novikov holding a book gifted by Andy Warhol at the ASSA gallery

It is easy to feel at home amongst the imagery, prints, videos and sonic art of ‘Club of Friends’. Review by Sophie Risner.

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The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow G1 5QN

‘Life & the Invitation& Vapour in Debri&’

Stefan Tcherepnin Topiary Teeth 2014  Concrete, iodine, pinot noir, resin boards

‘Life & the Invitation& Vapour in Debri&’ is entered through a façade made up of original parts of a Horror House installed on The Modern Institute's exterior wall. Bricks on Bricks on the outside, suggesting a conditional shift for the perception of the interior.

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Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF

Tania Kovats: Oceans

All the Sea (detail)

The artist gives generously, offering up a rich tableau of installation, sculpture and drawing that helps bring us closer to an understanding of the vast and mysterious planet we inhabit. Review by Laura Campbell

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The Vinyl Factory Brewer Street Car Park, London W1F 0AL

Richard Mosse: The Enclave

The Enclave (installation view)

Shown in London for the first time, by a collaboration between Edel Assanti and The Vinyl Factory, this is a profoundly effective exhibition that deserves to be seen.

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Cell Project Space, 258 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9DA

Pre Owned: Looks Good Man

Pre Owned: Looks Good Man (installation view)

It is expected of us that when we browse the web we are in control and the data trails we leave capture a perception of demographic existence. Browsing however, is not necessarily an empirical activity. Review by Laura Davidson.

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Mary Mary, 32 St. Andrews Street, Glasgow G1 5PD

Alistair Frost: ‘AZQ < > $@Ł•^’

Installation view, Alistair Frost - ‘AZQ < > $@Ł•^’ Mary Mary at 32 St Andrews Street, Glasgow 2014 Image courtesy The Artist; Mary Mary, Glasgow photographer: Max Slaven

Appointments are available to have Frost's designs and motifs painted onto visitors' nails To book please visit Nail appointments available: April 4th - 6th 12 - 4pm April 7th - 21st 1 - 3pm

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Drawing Room, Crimscott Street, London SE1 5TE

Abstract Drawing

Abstract Drawing (installation view)

What is the purpose of drawing? How does it relate to the artistic process? Does human expression require a human hand?

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