Unlimited Commissions

The nine Unlimited commissions for 2015-16 span a wide range of disciplines – including theatre, visual arts, dance and literature – and are created by some of the most talented disabled artists in the UK.

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Edel Assanti, 74A Newman Street, London W1T 3DB

Jodie Carey

Installation view

Jodie Carey explores the monumental juxtaposed with materials that evoke fragility and vulnerability. Zoë Lippett reviews Carey's new works conceived for Edel Assanti's new gallery space.

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KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, D-10117 Berlin



Icelandic artist Elín Hansdóttir's site-specific piece 'SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF' takes KW Institute for Contemporary Art's architecture - a former margarine factory - as a point of departure for a new spatial and filmic installation.

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Zolla/Lieberman, 325 W Huron St #1E, Chicago, IL 60654

Erika Rothenberg: House of Cards

Erika Rothenberg: House of Cards detail, 1992-2015

Over twenty years since its initial MoMA commission in 1992, Erika Rothenberg’s ‘House of Cards’ (1992-2015) still cuts right at the heart of caricatured American culture and values. Review by Rebecca Travis

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TG, Primary 33 Seely Road, Nottingham NG7 1NU

Occasional Table

Installation view of Occasional Table #1: Chora organised by Géraldine Beck & Benjamin Rosenthal, November 21st - December 6th.

In the recent programme at TG, the ‘Occasional Table’ is both the title of an expanded exhibition and a presentation device for the work contained within it. Review by Niki Russell

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The New Art Gallery Walsall, Gallery Square, Walsall, West Midlands WS2 8LG

Darren Banks: The Raven

Darren Banks: The Raven, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2015

Within his current show ‘The Raven’ Darren Banks examines the nature of institutional and personal collections and their overlaps around the eclectic life of British sculptor and cult figure Churton Fairman, A.K.A Mike Raven (1924-1997). Review by Christian Luebbert

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David Roberts Art Foundation, Symes Mews, London NW1 7JE

The Violet Crab

Carter Mull, Disney / Warm Flame / Cool Flame, 2015 (courtesy the artist and Lindon Gallery); John Cecil Stephenson, Sketch For Solar House, 1955 (David Roberts Collection); Luiz Roque, Alvorada [ Dawn ], 2014 (courtesy the artist); Francois-Xavier

Gallery spaces are transformed into a cloakroom, backstage, main stage, lounge and shadow theatre through the elaborate staging of The Violet Crab at David Roberts Art Foundation. Jaime Marie Davis reviews

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l’étrangère, 44a Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PD

Anita Witek: How to work live better

Installation view

Anita Witek's work echoes her quest to find a place for herself in London and the somewhat illusory notions of home and personal space. Will Gresson reviews her current solo exhibition.

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Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

History is Now: 7 Artists Take On Britain

Tony Cragg, View of Britain from the North, 1981 and Reg Butler, Working Model for The Unknown Political Prisoner, 1955–6.  Installation View at Richard Wentworth's curated section at Hayward Gallery, History Is Now: 7 Artists Take On

History is Now asks, in the lead up to the general election, how to think about the last 70 years of British history and begins by answering, we need an artist to do it. Edwina Attlee reviews

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Seventeen, 270-276 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DG

Morphing Overnight & Olivia Erlanger: Meat Eater

Meat Eater, Installation View

Seventeen gallery presents 'Morphing Overnight' - a group show which reflects on the intersection between economics, technology and finance at the turning point of the millennium, alongside a solo show from New York based artist Olivia Erlanger.

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Drawing Room, 12 Rich Estate, Crimscott Street, London SE1 5TE

Drawing Biennial 2015

Drawing Biennial, Installation View

Featuring 262 new and recent works on paper by 252 established and emerging artists, Drawing Biennial 2015 offers fresh insights into the most exciting currents in contemporary art today.

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ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham School of Art, Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BX

New Art WM Annuale 2015

Graham Chorlton, Platform, 2014

Not withstanding the impressive art historical awareness evident in this exhibition, there are also universal ways in which the show engages an audience. Review by Karl Musson

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