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NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Australia

Emily Floyd: The Dawn

An open space

Drawing parallels between educational models and contemporary art, Emily Floyd’s bold and colourful works generate spaces for social engagement and interaction whilst provoking discussions about contemporary social, cultural and political ideas.

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Fondazione HangarBicocca, Via Chiese 2, 20126 Milano, Italy

Céline Condorelli: bau bau

Installation view, bau bau

Condorelli's exhibition of sculpture, installation, video and text is imagined as a context for the co-existence of objects, participants and the public, creating a new space for doing and thinking.

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Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, Scotland

Lucy Skaer

Lucy Skaer, Leonora, 2006

Caught here are Skaer’s investigations into the essence of things and realities: intuitive, organic thought articulated in exquisite structures and meticulous processes. Review by Valerie Norris

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Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, Bankside, London, SE1 0LN

Jerwood Encounters: The Grantchester Pottery paints the stage

'Jerwood Encounters: The Grantchester Pottery paints the stage' (2015), Installation View, Jerwood Space

‘The Grantchester Pottery paints the stage’ is the 20th exhibition in the Jerwood Visual Arts’ Encounters series, a programme of one-off exhibitions which seek to encourage conversations and analysis through the exhibition-making process. Review by Kathryn Lloyd.

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New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

Chris Ofili: Night and Day

Chris Ofili: Night and Day, installation view at New Museum

Chris Ofili’s first museum survey in the United States debunks and transcends his unjustified and limiting reputation as an African diaspora-centric artist who once employed the medium of elephant dung. Review by Arthur Ivan Bravo

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Galleria Zero, Viale Premuda 46, 20129 Milan, Italy


Installation view

Jurgen Ots starts with old-fashioned sparkly projector screens that he collects in thrift shops. This uniquely identifiable material speaks of an earlier time, a media age of innocence when screens were unfurled before the assembled family with the majesty of sacred objects. When moving images left the movie palace for the home the potential for todays screen-world was born whole.

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Esther Schipper GMBH, Schöneberger Ufer, 65 D-10785 Berlin, Germany

Philippe Parreno: quasi-objects

Installation view, Esther Schipper

Parreno's exhibition explores the speculative concept of the ‘quasi-object,' one that seeks to radically redefine the relationship between the subject and the object. For 'quasi-objects,' Parreno has written an algorithm, a mathematical automaton, to synchronise the behaviour of the objects. The works become a network of quasi-objects that appear and disappear, act upon and, in turn, are acted upon.

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National Museum of Art, National Museum Cardiff, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NP

Artes Mundi 6

Artes Mundi 6, Chapter Gallery, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler: You Are the Prime Minister (2014)

Advancing on the successes of the previous prize, Artes Mundi 6 has burst into new spaces, challenging the didactics of what an exhibition and prize can be. Review by Bob Gelsthorpe

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David Zwirner Gallery, 24 Grafton Street, London, W1S 4EZ

Jockum Nordström: For the insects and the hounds

Jockum Nordstroem, For the insects and the hounds, installation view at David Zwirner, London

The exhibition title, ‘For the insects and the hounds’, evokes the remote, rural environment of the Swedish island of Gotland where Jokrum Norstrom produced his latest series of works, currently on show at David Zwirner, London. Review by Kathryn Lloyd.

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Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museumpark 18, 3015 CX, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Melanie Smith

Exhibition View, 2014. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

Melanie Smith continues her investigations into themes of migration, travel, adventure, getting lost, utopian ambitions, dislocation, abstraction and the idea that the grass is greener on the other side.

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Johnen Galerie, Marienstr. 10, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Martin Boyce: Stellar Remnants

Installation view

Martin Boyce’s sculptures, photographs and installations are informed by Modern art, architecture and design: utopian ideals and realities transformed into dark and poetic images.

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Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 11 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris

David Altmejd: Flux

The Flux and The Puddle

Altmejd's sculptures and installations function like strata, assembling timeless sediments in a sudden, exhilarating, dreamlike explosion.

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Laura Bartlett Gallery, 4 Herald Street, London, E2 6JT

Marie Lund: Dip

Marie Lund, Dip, Installation View, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London

There is something intimate, even quasi-domestic about Marie Lund’s latest exhibition at Laura Bartlett Gallery, which presents three series of work that balance on the border between fine art and personal, everyday possessions. Review by Gabrielle Schwarz.

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