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Interview with Henry Hudson

20:24:38 - 20:24:39 pm

The British-American artist Henry Hudson is known for his ‘Jungles': a colourful collection of plasticine works that have been exhibited around the world. And while he has an upcoming exhibition in India showcasing exactly that, he’s also venturing outside of his comfort zone. Recently, he has been exploring other mediums; ceramics, oil and iPad paintings, some of which will be on display at another exhibition in Vienna this fall. I joined Hudson at his East London studio to discuss what he’s been up to during lockdown and the pandemic-inspired works that are currently in progress. Interview by Shelby Wilder

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Belvedere 21, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien, Austria

Monica Bonvicini: I CANNOT HIDE MY ANGER

Monica Bonvicini. I CANNOT HIDE MY ANGER

Placed in the pavilion designed by Karl Schwanzer, Monica Bonvicini takes over the impressive open-plan ground floor of the Belvedere 21. Bonvicini’s pieces redirect the viewer’s experience towards a performative space that welcomes the outside world, touching on questions of politics and society. Using institutional ways of conditioning her subject, the artist highlights the impact of societal structures. Through her work, Bonvicini reflects on the relationships between this space and the viewer. Review by Alexandra Gamrot

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Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Wien, Austria

Philipp Timischl: Artworks for all Age Groups

Philipp Timischl, Artworks For All Age Groups, exhibition view Secession 2018

Endeavouring to create yet another enhancing experience, the Austrian artist Philipp Timischl, in his exhibition ‘Artworks for all Age Groups’ at the Secession Wien, addresses questions of belonging, roots and queerness. Review by Alexandra Gamrot

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Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsplatz 1 1070 Vienna

Florian Hecker: Hallucination, Perspective, Synthesis

Installation view: Hallucination, Perspective, Synthesis

Florian Hecker uses synthetic sounds and the listener’s auditory process to create acoustic spaces of experience. His computer-generated compositions dramatize psychoacoustics as well as objective-physical stimuli and their individual, psychic and physical impacts.

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Vienna Secession Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Vienna

Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte, Slow Graffiti, installation view

For his first major solo exhibition in Europe, Alex Da Corte has created a new work for the Vienna Secession.

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Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Treitlstraße 2, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Camille Henrot: If Wishes Were Horses

Camille Henrot: If Wishes Were Horses, installation view at Kunsthalle Wien, 2017.

Before entering Camille Henrot’s solo exhibition ‘If Wishes Were Horses,’ the viewer is required to remove their shoes. While this serves the practical function of not damaging the floor, it is also an intimate gesture with associations of religious worship, the comfort of being at home, privacy, or even sensuality. Review by Deborah Krieger

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Vienna Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Viennassion

Angelika Loderer

Angelika Loderer, installation view, Secession 2017, Photo: Matthias Bildstein

Angelika Loderer's new sculptural works call conceptions of value in to question. Here, simple and commonplace forms are enhanced with precious materials, bearing witness to the ambivalence of perishability and meaning.

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The Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Avery Singer: Sailor

Avery Singer: Sailor, installation view at Secession, 2016.

The Secession presents the work of the young American painter Avery Singer, whose innovative art effortlessly integrates references to art history and contemporaneity with an exploration of the underpinnings and mechanisms of digital media.

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Kevin Space, Sperrgasse 6, 1150 Vienna


KOSMO, exhibition view, Antoine Renard, Untitled (2840178_Terror Mum) / Jeremy Shaw, Unseen Potential (Yopo Anadenanthera Peregrina), Kevin Space 2016, Photo: Georg Petermichl

Testing out, stripping down and reconstructing belief systems with ancient and contemporary mysticism, evolves a variety of subject positions. How can we imagine a point of view that is beyond what we conceive as “self” and “other”?

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Association of Visual Artists, Vienna Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Oliver Laric: Photoplastik

Photoplastik, Installation View

Oliver Laric's exhibition 'Photoplastik' transforms the Secession's main hall into a sculpture display, juxtaposing glyptotheques and plaster-cast collections alongside objects drawn from popular culture and the natural sciences and 3D printing techniques.

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Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsplatz 1,1070 Vienna, Austria

The Promise of Total Automation

The Promise of Total Automation, Installation View

These days, machines and devices have their own means and ways to process information. They communicate with one another and with their environment without a human agent. This autonomy as well as the disappearance of their technologically defined appearance moves them into the vicinity of ritual artefact bearing their own meaning, and – whether people intended them to or not – seem to live a life of their own.

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