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Open File is a curatorial conversation between artist Jack Brindley and curator Tim Dixon. The project began as a blog in February 2011 and now exists on three platforms; an on-going series of live events, a publication series, and a web-based archive and resource at Open File seeks to explore the significance and relevance of working across these platforms.
In May and June 2012 Open File presented 2 events, a screening program and a publication in three parts alongside Olivia Plenders Rise Early, Be Industrious at MK Gallery.
Focussed around the idea of temporary and temporal sites, Open File presented:
Temporary Sites (A Proposal)
Thursday May 10th
Mark Essen, Tim Ivison & Julia Tcharfas, Joanne Masding, Luke McCreadie, Alia Pathan and Rachel Pimm.
‘Temporary Sites (A Proposal)’ explored the idea of exhibition making as a temporal space as well as a physical space. The event was a device through which to explore ideas of impermanence and specificity through a selection of performances, screenings and sculptures.
We asked, what does it mean to establish a context within an existing context’ What happens to the relationships forged between these parts when they become dispersed as printed material and online resources’
Admitting The Flats
Ivan Argote, George Barber, Stuart Croft, Alia Pathan, Rachel Pimm, Rachel Reupke, Jamie Shovlin and Tom Smith
Concerned with the imaginary boundary between the work and its audience, ‘Admitting the Flats’ was a programme of moving image works that sought to find that boundary and when it breaks. Fiction, narrative and theatricality were pressed and pushed to explore their workings and find their limits.
June 17 2 - 5pm
Dave Charlesworth, Zac Gvi, Luke McCreadie & Jack Strange
Open File’s ‘Symposium’ presented performance works that employ the form of the spoken lecture or presentation in order to explore its structure and workings, its conventions and its limitations. As an academic or social space used to share ideas and form connections between concepts, the symposium is a construct which uses a conversational format to disperse information.
Full documentation and related content at
Zac Gvi’s performance of lecture of nothing:
Tim and Julia’s video
Tom Smith - The Future Hasn’t Been Written Yet

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