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Pavilion of Switzerland, Giardini, Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale 2013: Valentin Carron

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The formal vocabulary of Valentin Carron's pieces is inspired by the imagery of the Canton of Valais where he has spent almost all his life, borrowing and adapting the internationally renowned vocabulary of the style of his alpine home region and making i

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Spanish Pavilion, Giardini, Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale 2013: Lara Almarcegui


Lara Almarcegui presents two conceptually overlapping projects for the Biennale - one in the Spanish pavilion and one on the island of Murano, which discuss and challenge the idea of a wasteland through the creation of sculptural installations.

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Pavilion of Belgium, Giardini, Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale 2013: Berlinde De Bruyckere: Cripplewood

Berlinde De Bruyckere Kreupelhout Cripplewood, 2012 2013 MirjamDevriendt5

For the Belgian Pavilion in Venice, De Bruyckere has conceived a new site-specific installation that builds upon her existing oeuvre but derives its potency from connections to the historical context of Venice. She has invited acclaimed writer J.M. Coetze

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Polish Pavilion, Giardini di Castello, Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale 2011: Yael Bartana

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The exhibition - 'and Europe will be stunned' is the official Polish participation at the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice in 2011. This video installation by the Israeli-born artist Yael Bartana is the first time a non-Polish national has repr

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Palazzo Pisani Calle de le Erbe Cannaregio (off Campo Santa Marina) 6103, Venice

Venice Biennale 2011: Karla Black

Scotland Venice, Insallation Image Palazzo Pisani, Karla Black, At Fault, 2011

Hovering between energy and mass in the eight rooms of the Palazzo Pisani (S. Marina) is a solo exhibition of brand new 'almost objects' by the Scottish artist Karla Black. Intimately and painstakingly worked in situ into exquisitely detailed aesthetic fo

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US Pavilion, Giardini di Castello, Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale 2011: Allora & Calzadilla: Gloria

IMG 6644

Combining performance, sculpture, video, and sound elements, the works allude to competitive enterprises such as the Olympic Games, international commerce, the military industrial complex, and even the Biennale itself, to explore the concepts of competiti

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Mexican Pavilion at the 54th Venice Bienale, Palazzo Rota Ivancich, Castello 4421, Venice

Venice Biennale 2011: Melanie Smith: Red Square Impossible Pink


Melanie Smith was born in Poole, England in 1965. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Reading. Since 1989 she has lived and worked in Mexico City, an experience that has enormously influenced her work ever since. Review by Eleanor Na

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An interview with Christian Marclay, who was presented the Golden Lion for best artist at the ILLUMInations Exhibition (54th Venice Biennale) for his work, "The Clock".

British Pavilion, Giardini di Castello, Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale 2011: Mike Nelson: I, IMPOSTOR


Nelson's large-scale sculptural installations immerse the viewer in an unfolding narrative which develops through a sequence of meticulously realised spatial structures. The weaving of fact and fiction are fundamental to Nelson's practice, and his constru

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