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Space In Between, Unit 26 Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN


play(ground)-less, Installation view 2015

The gallery space has been configured to suggest a stage or perhaps some kind of arena - a forum for the artists to collectively develop their work in dialogue with each other. Review by Will Gresson

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Recorded inside Ben Cruachan, Scotland and broadcast on BBC Radio 4

Maria Fusco: Master Rock

Master Rock by Maria Fusco, performed inside Cruachan Power Station, 2015.

The voice of John Mulholland is a rich, long-vowelled working class Ulster with a bone to pick. A life of dusty toil has gritted it to the core, and as surely as he has spent his working life digging into rock, so has it dug its way into him. ‘The more we do the more we get,’ he says, ‘but over time our lungs get set.’ James Gormley responds to Master Rock by Maria Fusco.

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