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Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, London NW3 6DG

Bonnie Camplin

Installation view of Bonnie Camplin at Camden Arts Centre, 2016-17

Described as ‘a semiotic technology’, the work consists of eight drawings arranged as a schematic diagram. Camplin claims these were transmitted to her and downloaded through psychic communication. Whatever this psychic seance involved remains mysterious. Review by Tessa Norton

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Union Pacific, 17 Goulston St, London E1 7TP


 Installation view, Lanzarote, Union Pacific

By bringing together a diverse range of contemporary practices, the exhibition currently on view at Union Pacific explores concepts of otherness and dislocation, incongruence and contamination that might define Lanzarote’s unique configuration. A series of conceptual premises structure the show and set up a fluid dialogue among the constellation of practices being presented. Review by Bianca Baroni

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