Modern Art Oxford, 6 October 2016

What’s Important | Alterity and Other Things with David Elliot

David Elliott (director of the Museum of Modern Art Oxford between 1976 and 1996), played a central role in founding the gallery’s international reputation. He returns to talk about his pioneering approach to programming, which promoted international and marginalised perspectives.


  • Sun 4 December 2022

    MKCDC at Bradwell Abbey / Angels at the Abbey


    MKCDC’s latest community project will see us harness the haunting power of the beautiful song - You’re not alone - by Cathal Smyth (also known as Chas Smash from Madness). We hope to unite families and friends in the UK and abroad who have been kept apart by Covid-19, and who are feeling the pinch of isolation in the current financial crisis. We’ll be working with a diverse range of organisations and schools, bringing together voices from across the community in a massed choir. This will culminate in the live-streamed performance of the song within the grounds of Bradwell Abbey at our annual Angels at the Abbey event with a live youth string orchestra.