Switch House, Level 5, Tate Modern Bankside London SE1 9TG, 8 April 2017

Tate Exchange | State of the Nation conversations , Exchanges on Homelessness

Part of the Museum of Homelessness launch at Tate Exchange, this afternoon of talking and debate brings together politicians, artists, activists and people who have experienced homelessness to discuss the major issues for homelessness in 2017.


  • Thu 13 July 2017

    Caustic Coastal presents CCTV17

    Coastal presents CCTV17, a televisual production of artistic and music performance presented for both a live studio audience and streaming online via www.thisistomorrow.info. Inspired by TV shows such as TFI Friday and The Word, CCTV17 will present a chaotic mix of the wonderous, curious, pop-influenced, and potentially d

    isastrous. Turn up, tune in…

    13th July 2017Gallery open from 6pm GMT Performances start promptly from 7pm GMT (Warehouse & online) Beth Kettel, Alliyah Hussian & Mariel Osborn, Colden Drystone, Rory Mullen, EKKAH, Gery Georgieva, Ella Deacy, IMPATV More to come…