RCA, Gorvey Lecture Theatre, 6 March 2019

RCA | OPEN’s launch event, Emotional Positions with Elif Shafak

Hear award-winning novelist, political commentator, activist, scholar, Elif Shafak, and take part in an evening of games, including emotional parcours and a collaborative essay sprint.

OPEN is a research initiative that draws on decolonial methods to explore how our world views translate. We (re)think individual positions in terms of diversity and difference of experience. Our aim is to discover and develop OPEN art and design practices with transformational capabilities that are inclusive of emotional work, self-care, respect and positionality.

OPEN will unfold through events, exhibitions and publications. We encourage participants to join us with awareness to cultural identity, difference and lived experience.

The OPEN team is Shehnaz Suterwalla, Sarah Cheang, Livia Rezende, Katie Irani and Elena Jarmoskaite


  • Tue 26 March 2019

    RCA : SoAH Research Presents: Environment

    Talks by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and Joanna Boehnert. Moderated by Sarah Teasley.