Kings College London, 25 August 2016

Paths to Utopia in conversation: We’re Here: Singing our way to Utopia

Does Utopia exist in a fragile moment of meaningful connection between strangers? In the sixth of the Paths to Utopia in conversation series, Neil Denny talks to Boff Whalley, Daniel Bye, Rachel Thomas and Professor David Green about choral experiment We’re Here.

As expressed in Thomas More’s now-legendary book, freedom-loving folk the world over have been on a constant search for that ideal, that place where we all live in harmony (possibly with a bottle of Coke). We’re Here explores the idea that Utopia can be found in the everyday acts of kindness, subversion and friendship that we encounter in our lives. Acts that we could make happen, that we could encourage. Small acts of community, or as the Direct Action Movement put it, of mutual aid.


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