Great Hall, King’s College, Strand Campus, 7 July 2016

Paths to Utopia in conversation: Night school on Anarres

How do you use language to imagine an anarchist way of life? In the first talk of the ‘Paths to Utopia’ in conversation series, Neil Denny talks to Dr Martin Edwardes about performative educational experiment ‘Night school on Anarres’.

‘Paths to Utopia’ is a collection of new artworks, all of which are the result of collaborations between artists and academics. In a series of ten panel discussions lead by ‘Little Atoms’ ’ Neil Denny, the Paths to Utopia in conversation series will discuss the research and ideas behind the works in the ‘Paths to Utopia’ exhibition, exploring the inspiration for the myriad of diverging Utopian visions and how the process of collaborating changed and informed the outcomes.


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