Artist Simon Farid is back with a new live-streamed webinar series called ‘Don’t Hate The Rich – Be One Of Them!’, 6 February 2015

Michael Green’s ‘The Internet Knows You’re Not A Dog!’


Remember Michael Green? He was the multi-millionaire Internet marketing guru alter-ego of current Conservative Party chairman Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP and the CEO of successful online company HowToCorp. Following his uncharacteristically publicity-averse hiatus, Michael is back with a new live-streamed webinar series called ‘Don’t Hate The Rich – Be One Of Them!’

In this episode Michael teaches us how to maintain a separate (and marketable) online identity when the likes of GCHQ, the NSA and advertising algorithms try to monitor our every click.

“It changed my life!” – Artist Simon Farid

Michael’s work is the recipient of support and UPstream seed funding from and greenhouse, and is supported using public funds by Arts Council England. It was initially commissioned by BE Festival in July 2013.


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