Modern Art, 50-58 Vyner Street, E2 9DQ, 18 April 2018

Eva Rothschild in conversation with Caroline Douglas, Director of Contemporary Art Society

On Wednesday 18 April, Eva Rothschild will be in conversation with Caroline Douglas, Director of Contemporary Art Society, to discuss her latest exhibition now open at Modern Art, Vyner Street. Titled ‘Iceberg Hits’, this is Rothschild’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery.

Eva Rothschild’s work has developed out of the legacy of the modernist sculptural tradition, in particular the formal languages of such artists as Barbara Hepworth and Eva Hesse, both of whom, in their own ways, were committed to studying sculpture’s capacity to create bodily encounters in space. Similarly, for Rothschild, scale, mass, volume and materiality are central components of her sculptural lexicon, but so are humour, illusion and ritual. Rothschild’s work - which is made out of materials such as jesmonite, Perspex, steel, leather and beads - is concerned with how certain qualities of corporeality might be invested with spiritual meaning, and the precise point at which narratives might arise out of formal arrangements.


  • Sun 23 September 2018

    Serpentine Work Marathon Workshops

    On the occasion of the Serpentine Work Marathon (22 September 2018, 10am-10pm, Royal Geographical Society), on the 23rd September, Prof. Bernard Stiegler convenes a gathering of practitioners from multiple disciplines to contribute to the writing of a new manifesto, the first version of which will be issued on the 23rd September, with the definitive version being sent to the United Nations, in Geneva, on 10 January 2020 – the centenary anniversary of the League of Nations.

    Participants include: Anne Alombert, Sara Baranzoni, David Berry, Divya Dwivedi, Noel Fitzpatrick, Giacomo Gilmozzi, Gaël Giraud, Yuk Hui, Olivier Landau, Giuseppe Longo, Glenn Loughran, Shaj Mohan, Maël Montévil, Gerald Moore, Clément Morlat, Vincent Puig, Daniel Ross, Saskia Sassen, Bernard Stiegler and Alain Supiot.

    The 2018 Work Marathon explores issues including technological developments enabling automation and its impact on labour and work; the political urgencies of coerced and invisible labour and the differentiation between work, employment and labour; and the role of non-human agents, including artificial intelligence, animals and materials, in the context of planetary-scale ecologies. The Work Marathon is conceived in collaboration with Professor Bernard Stiegler and builds on the 2017’s GUEST, GHOST, HOST: MACHINE! Marathon, which focused on artificial intelligence and questions of consciousness.