MOSTYN, 12 Vaughan Street, Llandudno, LL30 1AB

We’ve Got Mail II

MOSTYN, Llandudno

‘From the Press Release’

‘We’ve Got Mail II’ is a continuation of ‘We’ve Got Mail’, which took place in April to July of 2014. Part of MOSTYN’s history series of exhibitions, the sequence of ‘We’ve Got Mail’ shows (of which there will be a total of four) respond to the context in which they are placed – a former postal sorting office into which MOSTYN’s galleries were expanded in 2010.

The first ‘We’ve Got Mail’ presented a history of the Royal Mail through artefacts, documentation and ephemera together with artworks by contemporary artists who in various ways have used or use postal mail and its system. This second exhibition, opening in March, primarily focuses on the postcard and explores the town of Llandudno as a seaside resort.

The exhibition addresses the sale of postcards in local shops and some of the subjects of those postcards, including Punch and Judy, donkeys and pierrots. Spotlight sections feature Llandudno families with long histories in the seaside business and each subject is explored through the presentation of postcards, text and objects. Also on show will be a number of classic examples of the meeting between the postcard and the visual arts by artists Carl Andre, Daniel Buren, Sophie Calle, Robert Filliou, Richard Hamilton and Lawrence Weiner.

This exhibition is produced by MOSTYN and curated by Adam Carr, MOSTYN Visual Arts Programme Curator. The historical section has been brought together in collaboration with Jane Matthews, MOSTYN Engagement Manager.

‘We’ve Got Mail II’ forms part of MOSTYN’s History Series and Audience Development Programme, which includes a series of exhibitions that started in 2013, responding to the history and heritage of MOSTYN’s building.

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