Mary Mary, Suite 2 / 1, 6 Dixon Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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Press Release

Torsten Lauschmann’s diverse practice continually shifts and plays with expectations of image and the creation and interpretation of meaning. Concerned with both the aesthetic content of image and the ‘decoding’ of meaning and narrative, Lauschmann also focuses on the mechanics with which they are created, both in the manipulation of technology and also the action or situation that these represent and originate from.

Lauschmann’s recent works centre on the breaking down of the vocabularies that exist within a contemporary art practice, with his work attempting to ‘decode’ the intended messages found there. Free from an obligation to communicate specific meaning, Lauschmann’s works have an openess in interpretation and manipulation, which include film and installation works that use clips from both a personal and found collection, installed so as to strip and order the narrative. In this Lauschmann is playfully altering a sense of time and origin, and constructing ‘visual fables, which are deliberately invented or falsified.’ Lauschmann aims to avoid contextual coherency through formal and material repetition or a signature style but by representing an emotional truthfulness which can be created using a range of material, form, media and situation.

For his show at Mary Mary, Lauschmann has created a new body of work which continues his interest in the playful disruption and process of ‘interference,’ which raise questions about the foundations of ‘meaning’ and disrupted narrative. Lauschmann will present a group of film works, wall paintings and a series of video and slide projections, featuring archive footage of the Fairground Sideshow and focuses on the use of light as an expressive medium both within film and painted surface.

Born in 1970 in Bad Soden, Germany, Lauschmann lives and works in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include solo shows such as Nought to Sixty, ICA, London; Arnolfini, Bristol and Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, all 2008. Group shows include ‘Tonite,’ The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow and ‘Sculpture Show,’ Eastside Projects, Birmingham, all 2009. run, run, Collins Gallery, Glasgow (curated by Alex Frost & Sorcha Dallas) as part of Glasgow International Visual Arts Festival in 2008; The Autonomy of the Object, Cooper Gallery, Dundee; Art across the City, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea and a film commission for Becks Fusions, ICA, London.

Forthcoming projects include two new film installation works, commissioned by Dean Gallery, Edinburgh as part of ‘Running Time: Artist Films in Scotland’ in October this year.

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