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Press Release

This exhibition of recent work by Tim Head includes drawings, prints, digital screen works and large-scale projections. It draws together a body of work, produced over the last eight years, that exploits both the current resources of digital technology and the traditional tools of drawing.

A longstanding interest in perception motivates Head’s latest explorations into the various mechanics of production, from physical pen and paper to ethereal digital projections. Focusing on process at both extremes, Head’s work is about visual experience in its ‘raw’ state, detached from the predetermined world of images.

Tim Head has consistently used different media with a view to understanding their effect on what they represent. Having made work using a number of different image technologies, including photography, Xerox machines and inkjet printers, he has spent the last ten years working directly with computers - while at the same time going back to the basics of drawing.

Describing his approach to drawing, Head has said: ‘Make a drawing. Not a drawing of something but a drawing that is somehow just a drawing. Is it possible’ What would that be’‘

The same could be said of his approach to digital media. Working with programming specialists, Head has developed computer programs that generate, in real time, simple visual events in unrepeatable combinations that appear as dazzling, pulsating grids or bands of coloured light on screen and as projections.

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