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The Work of Fiona Crisp

Fiona Crisp

Fiona Crisp’s installations of large-scale photographs hover between the disciplines of sculpture and photography. Exploring in phenomenological terms what a photograph is, her installations moreover ask – what is a photograph capable of? Discussing her repeated fascination with landscape and how a view is constructed in visual, political and philosophical terms, Crisp further explains in the interview her current Leverhume research fellowship working with fundamental science and the problematic of the visualisation of concepts and data that challenge the limits of our imaginative and cognitive capacities.

Negative Capability: Apollo, and a new video work, Randsfjorden, are on show as part of in, scape: constructing nature atThe Holden Gallery, Manchester until 20 May.

Commissioned by the North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN), this is the fourth of seven films exclusively launched in an on-going partnership with This Is Tomorrow.

Taking stock of the increasing national and international recognition that artists based in the North East are attracting, this third series of films continues to profile and celebrate the recent bodies of work and wider practices of the selected artists.

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