North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN)

The work of Annie O’Donnell

Annie O’Donnell

Artist Annie O’Donnell talks about the close links between her personal narrative and the history of former ICI plant in Teesside. In one sense about place and the town of Billingham where she continues to live, O’Donnell’s discusses her ongoing interest in found objects and recycled materials. Reflecting on the consistent use of these consumables within her work, O’Donnell expands on her inherited love of toxic-colour, synthetic surface and how she interacts with, and invites interaction with, these materials … ‘There is a great future in plastics … think about it’.

Commissioned by the North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN), this is the last of seven films exclusively launched in an on-going partnership with This Is Tomorrow in 2016. Taking stock of the increasing national and international recognition that artists based in the North East are attracting, this third series of films continues to profile and celebrate the recent bodies of work and wider practices of the selected artists.

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