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  • Tal R Clown
    Title : Tal R Clown
  • Tal R Lars Larssen
    Title : Tal R Lars Larssen
  • Tal R Moonspoon Saloon
    Title : Tal R Moonspoon Saloon
  • Tal R Pariswheel
    Title : Tal R Pariswheel
  • Tal R Tonight
    Title : Tal R Tonight
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The Kunst­hal­le Düs­sel­dorf is pleased to announce an ex­ten­si­ve ex­hi­bi­ti­on of work by the Da­nish ar­tist Tal R (*1967) who took up a pro­fes­sorship at the Kunst­aka­de­mie Düs­sel­dorf in­to 2008. Tal R has be­en crea­ting an in­ten­se and ex­cep­tio­nal oeu­vre sin­ce the la­te 1990s, which has won in­ter­na­tio­nal ac­claim. The Man Over Board ex­hi­bi­ti­on pres­ents the pro­gres­si­on from his very ear­ly drawings and col­la­ges that we­re ne­ver ex­hi­bi­ted be­fo­re to his most re­cent groups of art­works and pain­tings.

The ex­hi­bi­ti­on con­cept, which was spe­ci­al­ly de­si­gned by Tal R, crea­tes for­mal and con­ten­tu­al con­nec­tions bet­ween the in­di­vi­du­al wor­king pha­ses and in­di­vi­du­al com­ple­xes of his art­works. It crea­tes new con­nec­tions bet­ween his pain­tings, drawings, sculp­tu­res and col­la­ges, and his ex­cur­si­ons in­to the gen­re of film, that are ex­pe­ri­en­ced in a vi­su­al way. Plat­forms that re­sem­ble is­lands - po­di­ums mo­bi­le walls and ta­bles - each fo­cus on a the­me which is re­flec­ted in the lar­ge-for­mat pain­tings and sculp­tu­res grou­ped around them. Ra­ther than fol­lowing a chro­no­lo­gy, the ex­hi­bi­ti­on shows how the ar­tist de­ve­lo­ped cer­tain strands of his oeu­vre at a very ear­ly sta­ge, which he then pur­su­ed and mo­di­fied over the ye­ars. One of the­se ‘is­lands’ is en­t­it­led ‘The Yel­low Is­land’, and is de­di­ca­ted to Tal R’s most re­cent art­works, which we­re in­spi­red by the land­scapes he ex­pe­ri­en­ced du­ring his Green­land ex­pe­di­ti­on this sum­mer. Ano­ther uses small-for­mat pain­tings and works on pa­per - bo­th old and new - to de­mons­tra­te the nar­ra­ti­ve po­ten­ti­al of his fi­gu­re de­pic­tion. Other fo­cu­ses of the ex­hi­bi­ti­on in­clu­de new works on pa­per in the or­na­men­tal style of Asia­tic scrolls that tell sto­ries, ear­ly, frag­men­ted col­la­ges, mi­ni­ma­list, ab­stract pic­tu­res, mo­no­chro­me tex­ti­le works, col­la­ged ob­jects and do­cu­men­ta­ti­on of his long ye­ars of per­for­mance col­la­bo­ra­ti­on wi­th Co­pen­ha­gen fa­shion la­bel ‘Moon Spoon Sa­loon’.

The­se ‘is­lands’ form what might be cal­led the back­bone of this com­plex ex­hi­bi­ti­on, pro­vi­ding an il­lu­mi­na­ting com­men­ta­ry to the pain­tings and sculp­tu­res - a re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve selec­tion of which ha­ve be­en on dis­play sin­ce 2000. The ex­hi­bi­ti­on steers us through Tal R’s oeu­vre by crea­ting a we­alth of la­te­ral con­nec­tions. It is an oeu­vre that ad­dres­ses ma­ny of the most con­tro­ver­si­al are­as of con­tem­pora­ry art and con­tem­pora­ry li­fe, in terms of bo­th form and con­tent, in a uni­que and play­ful way. Tal R’s art­works al­so ana­ly­se the pre­sent-day from an in­di­vi­du­al per­spec­tive in a pur­po­se­ful, at­mo­s­phe­ri­cal­ly and sty­lis­ti­cal­ly con­fi­dent man­ner.

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