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Press Release

Gill Saunders and John Mackechnie curate an exhibition of ambitious and inspirational works embracing innovations afforded by both digital technologies and traditional print media. Featuring works by: Claire Barclay, Claire Bayliss, Carolyn Bunt, Dorothy Cross, Michael Fullerton, Janne Malmros and Scott Myles.

Surface Noise aims to confront and overturn the pejorative associations and preconceived ideas that often define print. Curator, Gill Saunders explains: ‘It is now a truism to observe that printmaking has ‘pushed the boundaries’, to the extent that it now defies definition. Enlisting strategies from photography and film, architecture and sculpture, painting and performance, print is continually shape-shifting.

Crucially printmaking offers the artist another vocabulary, as well as an opportunity to play, to experiment, to do things differently. Each of the artists here has worked with print in individual and original ways, exploring or challenging the capacities of their chosen medium, and making it their own.’ Gill Saunders, Senior Curator (Prints), V&A.

At a time when printmaking is attracting considerable attention, the tenth in the Jerwood Encounters series offers a welcome platform to show new works which incorporate print in original and unconventional ways.

‘Printmaking is a discipline in its own firm right, with the ability to investigate or invert conventional artistic boundaries, historical associations and cultural connotations. John McKechnie and Gill Saunders have approached the curation of Surface Noise as an opportunity to explore values, expectations, process and emerging practice.’ Shonagh Manson, Director, Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Interview with Claire Bayliss courtesy Louisa Elderton and

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