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2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Camden Arts Centre’s internationally acclaimed residency programme. Outset Contemporary Art Fund is helping celebrate this milestone.

The Big Rip Off! gives artists license to plunder the history of financial misdemeanours and raise funds through underhand means. Money raised will provide vital funding for future residencies and allow Camden Arts Centre to continue to support artists and their work.

And what a day for it!


Emma Biggs and George Walker invite participation in their relational artwork based on an event staged at a conference in Norway on the exploitation of workers in sweatshops in Bangladesh.

Lottie Child’s cat burglary and pick-pocketing training sessions.

Keith Harrison hawking ceramic bootlegs of New Order’s Blue Monday.

Keith Wilson’s kidsploitation sweatshop makes use of his children’s labours, as he mercilessly drives them on to produce increasingly urgent additions to the abstract canon.

Photo: Pablo Antoli

Jonathan Allen and Scott Penrose bamboozle the punter with the conman’s dizzying patter and sleight of hand.

Photo: Pablo Antoli

Anna Barriball’s cash for questions subverts the customary exchange mechanism: you offer cash and she tenders beautifully crafted questions.

The Dolly Mixtures need to be paid not to play their shrill instruments or sing like harpies. Featuring Janet Hodgson, Melanie Jackson, Christina Lamb, Hayley Newman, Rosie Oliver, Frances Scott, Jennet Thomas.

The Dolly Mixtures from this is tomorrow on Vimeo.

Pose for Brian Griffiths, portrait photographer to the stars, and have your picture taken with the cream of his address book.

William Hunt has a licence to print Camden pounds - a currency required to pay for certain activities, bought and sold at extortionate rates.

Photo: Pablo Antoli

Paul Johnson is selling pirated CDs off the customary blanket.

Photo: Pablo Antoli

Marta Marce will screenprint bootleg designer t-shirts to order.

Steve Nelson is peddling chunks of Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre.

Photo: Pablo Antoli

Jessica Voorsanger is selling autographed first editions of literary classics.

Alex Shady is flogging high-end trips to the moon - a once in a lifetime experience.

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