City Hall Park, New York City

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Sol LeWitt (1928 - 2007) was one of America’s most inventive, prolific, and influential artists. He created significant bodies of work in two and three dimensions, including drawings, photographs, prints, and sculptures (known as ‘structures’). An originator of minimal and conceptual art in the 1960s, LeWitt helped to transform the artistic thinking of both his contemporaries and subsequent generations of artists. In his radical approach to how art could be made, the artist’s subjective decision making was only one aspect of the creative process. His art typically took shape in relation to something existing outside of his imagination - such as a geometric progression or a series of variations. In this way, LeWitt created works of art that could not have been conceived through traditional approaches to composition. As the artist famously wrote in 1967, ‘The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.’
This outdoor retrospective of structures, the first of its kind, charts the development of LeWitt’s work from the early white geometric cubes through to the late, multicolored organic forms. Over more than forty years, LeWitt’s creative method proved surprisingly open-ended, allowing him to continually experiment with new ideas and materials. This exhibition is intended to generate dialogues not limited by the classifications of art history and the museum, juxtaposing LeWitt’s structures with both natural and architectural forms in the city that helped to inspire his art.
images courtesy Art Ravels

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