Tenderpixel 8 Cecil Court London WC2N 4HE

Rowena Harris: After Attenborough

Rowena Harris, After Attenborough, 2017, HD video, 3’57’’ Courtesy of the artist and Tenderpixel.

After Attenborough is an online video by Rowena Harris which was commissioned as part of the exhibition Tropical Hangover at Tenderpixel. For this occasion the floor of the gallery has been painted ‘chroma-key blue’ also serving as a special effects screen in the film for a digitised, post-produced nature.

The exhibition Tropical Hangover will run until 4 March, 2017 at Tenderpixel, London.
Artists: Salvatore Arancio, Zuzanna Czebatul, Rowena Harris, Laure Prouvost, Suzanne Treister.
Curated by: Borbála Soós, Stella Sideli.
More info: www.tenderpixel.com/exhibitions/tropical-hangover

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