Collins Park, Miami, USA

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Press Release

Pae White: Oceanfront
Curated by Creative Time at Art Basel Miami Beach

The new Oceanfront area in Collins Park has been created as a platform for virtually all of Art Basel Miami Beach’s cultural programming. Situated directly beside the beach, the Oceanfront marks the point where the artworld interfaces with the broader public. Art Basel Miami Beach is delighted to have Creative Time, the legendary New York City-based public art organization, as a partner in the launching of this new dimension of Art Basel Miami Beach. Having solicited many proposals, Creative Time and Art Basel Miami Beach commissioned Los Angeles artist Pae White to create the central element of this space.

For the 2009 premiere of the Oceanfront, Pae White will create an immersive and interactive cityscape that will provide a new experience with each visit. By day, large color blocks will dominate the landscape. At night, these color blocks transform into a shadowy group of buildings that house various merchants and performers. In addition to this labyrinth-like metropolis on the sand, White will design an open-air stage that will host the Art Video, Art Film, and Art Perform programs and Art Basel Conversations.

Free of any admission charge, the Oceanfront - located at Collins Park, between 21st and 22nd Streets - offers visitors many opportunities. In the mornings, they can attend the discussion panels of the Art Basel Conversations series, featuring prominent figures from every artworld domain. And every night during Art Basel Miami Beach, the Oceanfront will feature at least one special event. The evening series will be inaugurated by the annual Art Loves Music concert on the beach; the following evenings feature the Art Perform program curated by Jens Hoffmann of the Wattis Institute, the Art Video program curated by Meredith Johnson of Creative Time and the Art Film evening curated by This Brunner. Rounding out the experience, the Oceanfront Cafe will offer visitors the possibility to have light meals and refresh¬ing drinks from dawn to midnight

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