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  • Derek Sutherland Razor's Edge Existence (After Somerset Maugham) 2010
    Title : Derek Sutherland Razor's Edge Existence (After Somerset Maugham) 2010
  • Jonny JJ Winter Fossil 2009
    Title : Jonny JJ Winter Fossil 2009
  • Membersshow1
    Title : Membersshow1
  • membersshow2
    Title : membersshow2
  • membersshow3
    Title : membersshow3
  • pascale berthier Untitled 2011
    Title : pascale berthier Untitled 2011

MEMBERS SHOW 2011, Selected by Cerith Wyn Evans
OUTPOST is pleased to present this year’s Members Show selected by renowned artist, Cerith Wyn Evans.
Cerith Wyn Evans’ idiosyncratic selection for the OUTPOST Gallery Members Show 2011 combines a mixture of playfully eccentric juxtapositions and a delicately considered synthesis of aesthetic and thematic interplays. The sound of a tablecloth being pulled from beneath crockery and cutlery emanates from the corner of the gallery, as objects as seemingly disparate as a delicate watercolor and a ‘fossilized’ baguette find a grudging yet playful continuity with one another. These juxtapositions appear to pose the question ‘why’’ whilst simultaneously answering it. Profundity is balanced with comedy, beauty with the ironic, shaving foam with radiator. The result of which is a carefully selected group show where each work stands alone, demonstrating a cross-section of the variety of the OUTPOST membership, whilst coming together as a grand tableaux representing the creative mind of the selector.
The artists selected for this year’s Members Show come from a variety of artistic backgrounds with varying levels of previous involvement with OUTPOST gallery. Some long term members who have been directly involved with the gallery over the years, and artists from further afield or those comparatively new to OUTPOST. Well-established artists such as Peter Coffin are shown along side emerging new artistic talents creating a dynamic conversation between the works.
Pascale Berthier studied at Camberwell College of Art and Chelsea College of Art between 2000-2004. Peter Coffin graduated in 2000 with a MFA from the Carnegie Mellon University. KIMI CONRAD is a collaborative project consisting of Jacques Rogers and Samuel Jeffery (graduated NUCA 2008 BA (Hons)). Mark Davey studies MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Leo Koivistoinen graduated 2010 from Chelsea College of Art and Design with an MA in Fine Art. Scott Mason studies MA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art. Andy Parker graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2007 with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking. Helen Sykes graduated in 2006 from UEA Norwich with an MA in Creative Writing. Derek Sutherland graduated in 2006 from the Edinburgh College of Art with a MFA in Sculpture. Jonny JJ Winter graduated 2006 from Norwich School of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.
Cerith Wyn Evans is a conceptual artist, sculptor and filmmaker. Wyn Evans has exhibited extensively in Europe and America including the Venice Biennale in 1995, and again in 2003 representing Wales. More recent shows include Tramway, Glasgow (2009), and Kunsthall Bergen (2011).

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