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  • Installationsansicht HDG 04
    Title : Installationsansicht HDG 04
  • Installationsansicht HDG 05
    Title : Installationsansicht HDG 05
  • Installationsansicht HDG 07
    Title : Installationsansicht HDG 07
  • RAUCH LOY NR DasalteLied
    Title : RAUCH LOY NR DasalteLied
  • RAUCH LOY NR KwzN 5320
    Title : RAUCH LOY NR KwzN 5320
    Title : RAUCH LOY NR Revo
  • RAUCH LOY RL 448Pflug10
    Title : RAUCH LOY RL 448Pflug10
  • RAUCH LOY RL 5703
    Title : RAUCH LOY RL 5703

From the Essl Museum website
Born in Leipzig in 1960, Neo Rauch is one of the most important painters of his generation at international level. Painted in old-master style and containing references to advertising, comic strip aesthetics and Socialist Realism, his figurative paintings reverberate with a surreal and darkly disturbing atmosphere. His creations evoke a sense of both strangeness and familiarity and are characterised by an inexhaustible wealth of ideas. Rosa Loy was born in Zwickau (Saxonia) in 1958 and, like her husband, is considered a representative of the ‘New Leipzig School’. Her figurative, ambiguous paintings are devoted to the mystery of womanhood, a new femininity and a new romanticism. Similar to the work of her husband, her paintings depict disturbing, surreal and symbolic scenes which the intrigued viewer feels drawn to decipher. The Essl Collection holds significant works by Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy which will provide the basis for the exhibition. The artists will design the exhibition and the catalogue.

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