Galerie Steinek, Eschenbachgasse 4, A-1010 Wien

Mathias Herrmann

Galerie Steinek, Vienna

‘From the Press Release’ (Translated from the German)

‘On Photography’ features new works by German photographer Matthias Herrman. Elements of his well-known self portraits and subjects from a period of over 20 years are revisited, resulting in a series of still life-like photographs.

For Herrmann, fire is ambivalent: it can be a symbol of life as well as a destroyer. Similarly, his new works situate themselves somewhere between life and struggle, beauty and fall, still life and vanity. For example, ‘Conversation Piece, Old Woman Springs Road. Mojave Desert, 16.12.14 15:30’ - a photograph featured in the exhibition - proves that a single image can tell a whole story: A lonely house located in the Mojave Desert in North America, with doors and windows carefully barricaded. The house seems to open up a dialogue with the viewer. It inspires our fantasies and encourages questions about the content; allowing the viewer to create his own (pre)history.

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