The Notary Public, New York and Workspace, Los Angeles

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Four New York-based artists, Sonja Engelhardt, LukeStettner, Gustabo Velazquez, and Claudia Weber, will create distinct butrelated works for The Notary Public, New York and Workspace, Los Angeles.Curated by Jo-ey Tang. The Notary Public: Opening June 4, June 4 - June 11, 2011by appointmentWorkspace: Opening June 12, June 12 - July 3, 2011 byappointment

A pair ofscissors is one way.
A wheelbarrowanother.
Also a humanmandible.

the mind too’.

exert a largeforce over a small distance at one end by exerting only a small force over agreater distance at the other.

influence theother side to move closer to the negotiating position.

pull away fromeach other with an equal and opposite force. the arms do not originate thisforce alone, but are assisted by tension in trunk musculature, through bodyweight and by momentum.

borrow money,buy fixed assets, use derivatives, multiply gains and losses.

identifyingthose observations which have a large effect on the outcome of fitting regressionmodels.

attempting toblock a kick, jumps off a teammate to attain a better position.

Volume anddistance become leverage.

The NotaryPublic = 192’ long x 135’ wide = 180 square feet
Workspace = 216’ long x 120’ wide = 180 square feet

But maybe only amental projection of where we are and will be standing.

We leverage ourways.
We have to.


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