SWG3 Gallery, 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow

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Some rare artists only produce works when an exhibition comes up, but most of the time, pieces are made in the studio waiting for an opportunity to leave for the gallery or the museum. LAST CHANCE is not bringing attention to drafts or failures, this group show focuses on those artworks that have never been exhibited before, for lots of different reasons; because they didn’t correspond to the artist’s standards and he/she never dared showing it to anyone, or because previous curators expected a different work from the artist. Some have been stored and forgotten, some are half finished because the artist spent a lot of time finding out what it needed, to become a coherent work, some pieces existed as ideas in the artist’s mind but none of them ever found a suitable context to shine.
This exhibition and publication pursue our on-going investigation of ‘the artwork’s life’ from its conception to its dissemination. LAST CHANCE is inviting artists from different stages in their careers, into an alternative panorama of artworks, testifying to the secret side of art production in a contemporary landscape.
Curated by Camille Le Houezec and Joey Villemont

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