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  • Still from Grotto, 2014 by Shaun Caton
    Title : Still from Grotto, 2014 by Shaun Caton

A Glimpse Inside the Grotto (2014) ­ a film about the work of Shaun Caton by Julius G. Beltrame and Robert S. Pugh. Available to view online between 15 and 29 July 2015.

Few people have attempted to describe Shaun Caton’s performances because they are so hideously grotesque, densely layered and interwoven with atmospheric detail, and operate on many sensory levels. ‘Apocalyptic’, ‘dream­like’, ‘proto­prehistoric’, ‘cyber shamanic raves’ and ‘epic primordial extravaganzas’ are some previous attempts to explain this reclusive artist’s highly personal performances. Caton emerged in the early 1980s and has continued developing his performances for new audiences, most extensively throughout Europe. His performances incorporate real archaeological found objects, monumental soundtracks, experimental shadow play and multiple shifts in pace and time. Although he has presented over 300 performances his work is relatively unknown outside of a small following in the UK.

From 2009­14, film makers Julius Beltrame and Robert Pugh filmed many of Caton’s performances, often travelling with him on location. A Glimpse Inside the Grotto is a candid and visually stunning film introduction to Caton’s bizarre inner world and the performances he creates to make sense of this. Shaun Caton is also an obsessive collector and has amassed an incredible collection of vintage photographs, covering the period 1850­1980, relating to the history of performance in all its guises and genres, with a definite taste for weird and wonderful. For the first time, he shares some rare highlights from this archive and in his own personal interpretation, talks about how collecting photographs of performance has shaped his own life and work.

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LADA Screens is a series of free, online screenings of seminal performance documentation, works to camera, short films/video and archival footage. It is part of Live Online, LADA’s dedicated space where you can watch short videos and films drawn from LADA’s Study Room or generated through our programmes and initiatives. Each screening will be available to view online for a limited time only, and will be launched with a live event at the White Building in Hackney Wick, London. thisistomorrow will feature the films for the duration of the screenings.

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