, 57 Stanton Street, 
NY, NY, 10002

Jon Pilkington
: Butterfingers

57, New York

Arnolfini, Bristol

Imagine closing your eyes and pressing on your eyelids with your thumbs, then overlay more colours and shapes on top of what you see. Like peripheral vision, the entire picture cannot be held in view. Instead we are presented with rich geographies to be navigated, finding understanding one moment at a time. Recognition of form is held just beyond our reach, allowing the pictures to inhabit a noncommittal space populated by a messy geometry that invokes a primordial soup of line, form, and colour.

Jon is interested in ripping himself off until new results are realised. Employing failure as a strategy for success, early motifs are routinely revisited until any suggestion of clear hierarchy can reasonably be questioned. These repeated moves promise to remain un-finished, following a trajectory that picks up new traditions along the way and adding to an ever growing ancestry of the artist’s vocabulary.

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