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Jonathan Horowitz Press Release

Jonathan Horowitz (b. 1966) is one of the most important American artists of his generation. Here, key works from the last twenty years are combined with newly-commissioned artworks, displaying an artist with a sharp, radical mind who cuts through our safety nets with defiant and brilliant art.

Based in New York, Horowitz works across mediums, combining the imagery and
ambivalence of pop art with the engaged criticality of conceptualism. His work is highly regarded for tackling contentious political issues of the present day, as well as the political silences of post-war art. DCA is delighted to be the first public institution in the UK to give Horowitz a major solo exhibition. Minimalist Works from the Holocaust Museum takes as its focus the function and use of art, particularly minimalist art, in relation to socio-political reality.

A new body of work made by Horowitz is his reponse to works by the artists Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra, Ellsworth Kelly and Joel Shapiro. Those artists were commissioned for The united States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington and dedicated to the memory of this devastating, immense atrocity. It is a brave, seemingly subversive act on the part of the artist to critique his artistic forebears but it is also the act of an artist questioning the past to ascertain his place in the present.

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