The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, UK

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Longplayer Catalogue

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Artangel’s Longplayer Live blog

From the Roundhouse Website

Lasting 1,000 years, Jem Finer’s Longplayer is famously the longest non-repeating piece of music ever composed. Originally commissioned by Artangel, it’s been playing continually at listening posts around the world since the first moments of the millennium.

On Saturday 12 September, Finer directs Longplayer ‘s spectacular first-ever live performance: a 1,000 minute section from its 1,000 year duration. A tiny fragment from its great expanse, Longplayer Live will be played by a 26-strong all-star
orchestra on a unique 20-metre wide instrument - effectively a giant ‘bronze age’ synthesiser, with highly resonant singing bowls for tone generators and humans for power.

In parallel with the live performance in the Roundhouse’s Main Space, the Artangel Longplayer 2009 Conversation - an epic relay of one-to-one conversations inspired by the philosophical implications of long time - will be in the Studio Theatre. Writer Jeanette Winterson will begin the 12-hour talking marathon of 24 leading writers, filmmakers, scientists, academics and technology activists.

Jem Finer is an artist, musician and award-winning composer whose recent works include Score for Hole in the Ground, in which underground falling water plays on hidden percussive instruments and two sculptural observatories; Landscope, an inverted pylon that detected storms on Jupiter, and The Centre of the Universe, a spiral tower that ‘listened’ to the cosmos. Finer was also a founding member of The Pogues.

Longplayer began at midnight on 31 December 1999 in the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London.

Long Conversationalists

10:00-10:36 Jeanette Winterson with Susie Orbach
10:36-11:12 Susie Orbach with Daniel Glaser
11:12-11:48 Daniel Glaser with Sophie Fiennes
11:48-12:24 Sophie Fiennes with Mark Miodownik
12:24-13:00 Mark Miodownik with Cory Doctorow
13:00-13:36 Cory Doctorow with Ruth Padel
13:36-14:12 Ruth Padel with Lewis Wolpert
14:12-14:48 Lewis Wolpert with Charles Arsene-Henry
14:48-15:24 Charles Arsene-Henry with Mark Lythgoe
15:24-16:00 Mark Lythgoe with Bonnie Greer
16:00-16:36 Bonnie Greer with Marcus du Sautoy
16:36-17:12 Marcus du Sautoy with Robert Peston
17:12-17:48 Robert Peston with Steven Rose
17:48-18:24 Steven Rose with Lisa Jardine
18:24-19:00 Lisa Jardine with Andrew Kotting
19:00-19:36 Andrew Kotting with David Toop
19:36-20:12 David Toop with Mark Haddon
20:12-20:48 Mark Haddon with Rachel Armstrong
20:48-21:24 Rachel Armstrong with Vincent Walsh
21:24-22:00 Vincent Walsh with Jeanette Winterson

Interview with Jem Finer, made on the day of Longplayer Live

Listen! Ruth Padel Listen!

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