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FIRST CONTACT will connect East London to the vastness of space-time and channel other forms of consciousness through a series of music performances and an interstellar light installation. Throughout the night, short messages will be flashed to the attention of alien intelligence under the form of light Morse signals using a code developed especially for the event.

Performers: Irène Drésel devotes herself day and night to electro-techno music surrounded by the peaceful wheatfields. Her hypnotic groove is both monastic and orgasmic. The Third Body is a mutant environment crossbreeding electronic music, science- fiction and animal behaviours. Coupled with sensations of avalanches and collapsing matter, The Third Body delves into interspecies music and communication: flickering signals, foraging and echolocation, bioluminescence and stroboscopic bacteria. zeta is a London based audio visual artist / musician. Influences range from YMO, the occult, psilocybin advocate Terrance McKenna, the BBC radiophonic workshop, Francis Bebey, Bruce Haack, The KLF, Mort Garson and Alan Moore’s Idea Space (aka the collective unconscious). zeta’s fourth album Vermilion is out now. Art Night 2017 will see London’s East End transformed with free art and music by some of the world’s leading artists for the night of Saturday 1 July 2017. Audiences will be able to experience a trail of art, architecture, dance, design and music throughout the night. Art Night 2017 is in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and curated by independent curator and writer

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