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The Interrobangs are a series of events in which we discover different parts of the West Midlands, connecting with artists working there and people living there. For this September’s Interrobang we have been exploring the Black Country and thinking about Relationships - between people and place, between artists and audiences - and thinking about how the Black Country (it’s people, places and history) has informed and inspired different artists.

The Interrobangs are also a place for artists developing work to be shown in the next Fierce Festival (in February 2011) and for artists currently engaged in Fierce’s Arts Council funded Platinum artist-practitioner development scheme to share some of their process and thinking through work in progress performances and sharings.

On Friday Night Plan B

talked about their practice of tracing all their movements with GPS tracking devices, and how this is going to evolve into a project for the next Fierce Festival, February 2011. Sheila Ghelani also performed some of the text-based elements of her work Rat, Rose, Bird which she is developing for the Fierce Festival.

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