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London-based American artist Daria Martin’s elusive and enigmatic films combine intense ritualistic performativity with a rigorous yet detached photographic approach.
Her 16mm film Minotaur pays tribute to the work of dance pioneer Anna Halprin, whose life and work has had a profound influence on Martin. This film is centered on a Halprin dance based on the sculpture Minotaur by Auguste Rodin from 1886 (also known as Faun and Nymph), a work possessing intensely erotic content (it depicts the part-man/part-bull figure from Greek mythology with a naked young female figure in its grasp.)
Martin’s Minotaur extends her interweaving of highly conceptualized and choreographed physical movement; complexly layered stagecraft provoking unconventional formal relationships; direct allusions to modernist art history; and editing and cinematographic techniques evoking a broad range of the histories of both mainstream and experimental filmmaking.

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