The Modern Institute, 14-20 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QN

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Chris Johanson: Considering
The Modern Institute, 14-20 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QN
26 October - 20 December 2013
From the Press Release

Utilising a multi-faceted approach, incorporating painting, sculpture and installations made from found materials, Johanson’s second exhibition with the gallery presents a poetical journey through imagery and communicate a vibrant complexity, addressing the larger notions of life, death and thoughts of an existential nature.

Working on his pieces in situ, Johanson follows a contemplative process, attentively assembling, painting, and positioning his structures. Within the exhibition ‘Considering’, Johanson has created symbolic forms made from reclaimed wood and painted with a palette of exuberant colours. Familiar tree-like shapes and wooden window frames represent the artist’s own memories and associations, as well as pockets of thought that translate ideas of a philosophical and quotidian manner. Paintings on paper and board are brushstrokes, Johanson’s painted compositions are homages to those dearest to him, as well as energetic abstractions of colour and pattern. The use of text is an integral element within Johanson’s works, using it as a tool to share his own thoughts and to allow him to decompress complicated ideas; ‘the pieces of what life is made of’ reveal heavy thoughts in a playfully calming manner.

Such balanced and reflective methodology is at the centre of Johanson’s exhibition. Through metaphorical and figurative representations, underpinned by personal and emotional density, Johanson intends ‘Considering’ to present a peaceful and positive exploration of being.

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