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Bonded Warehouse

24 June - 11 August

Upon entry of goods into the warehouse, the importer and warehouse proprietor incur liability under a bond. This liability is generally cancelled when the goods are:

• exported; or deemed exported;

• withdrawn for supplies to a vessel or aircraft in international traffic;

• destroyed under Customs supervision; or

• withdrawn for consumption domestically after payment of duty.

The sense of anticipation in something hidden. There are many examples of this and I won’t list any here. The object can be inaccessible or otherwise off-limits, there is something left to the imagination. You may be put in a position that requires action, without action the situation will never be resolved. There is the possibility of failure, but full resolution, although not guaranteed, is impossible without action. Without action, however, you succeed by not failing.

(There are always exceptions and I am thinking of one person in particular who knows this is all a ruse and will tell you as much. But he plays both sides.)

Two lines intersecting in the form of an inverted T. The lines are of equal length. They say most people interpret one line as longer than the other and whether you live in a rural environment or urban one your perception of the lines are different, that you are more or less inclined to perceive the lines as equal in length. The most common interpretation is that the vertical is the longer one.

The box anticipates, contents supine, leathery.

-Wan Cologne

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