Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, 3 Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499, Luxembourg

  • Csorgo Archimedean Point 1
    Title : Csorgo Archimedean Point 1
  • Csorgo Archimedean Point 2
    Title : Csorgo Archimedean Point 2
  • Csorgo Fotolabyrinth
    Title : Csorgo Fotolabyrinth
  • Csorgo Hemisphere
    Title : Csorgo Hemisphere
  • Csorgo How to construct an orange 1
    Title : Csorgo How to construct an orange 1
  • Csorgo How to construct an orange 2
    Title : Csorgo How to construct an orange 2
  • Csorgo Maelstrom
    Title : Csorgo Maelstrom
  • Csorgo Make Love
    Title : Csorgo Make Love
  • Csorgo Moebius
    Title : Csorgo Moebius
  • Csorgo Orange Space
    Title : Csorgo Orange Space
  • Csorgo Peeled City 2
    Title : Csorgo Peeled City 2
  • Csorgo Semi Space
    Title : Csorgo Semi Space
  • Csorgo Slanting Water
    Title : Csorgo Slanting Water
  • Csorgo Spherical Vortex
    Title : Csorgo Spherical Vortex
  • Csorgo Wheel
    Title : Csorgo Wheel
  • Csorgo peeled still life 03
    Title : Csorgo peeled still life 03
  • Csorgo three solids
    Title : Csorgo three solids

Press Release
Attila Csörgo’s exhibition leads us into a universe of scientific exploration, providing a comprehensive overview of his unbroken and consistent career, beginning from the early 1990s and reaching international acclaim in the form of major art exhibitions and awards. Empirical folding of great mathematical complexity, hypnotic plays of light resting on indecipherable mechanical movements, and other inventions that combine fantasy with curiosity about extremely varied physical and mathematical phenomena - all bear the stamp of Attila Csörgo, the great do-it-yourselfer who introduces, with the joy, humour, and detachment proper to artistic creation, science into the world of art.

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