Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Finland

  • Abel Abidin AA at01
    Title : Abel Abidin AA at01
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA bl01
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA cc00
  • Abel Abidin AA cc01
    Title : Abel Abidin AA cc01
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA mm01
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA ol01
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA ol02
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA pp01
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    Title : Abel Abidin AA pp02

From the Kiasma website

The Iraqi-Finnish artist Adel Abidin is a rising star in international contemporary art. His first major solo exhibition, held now in Kiasma, presents the artist’s recent work, most of which consists of video installations.

The works encourage us to reflect on culture, both our own and other people’s. In his art, Abidin focuses particularly on “themes such as cultural alienation and marginalization”. The works address issues such as experiences of exclusion, gender roles and sexuality, and also life, death and the insanity of war. Central to all of Abidin’s works is his use of black humour and irony.

One of the works is a large neon sign derived from the Coca-Cola logo, which Abidin presents in a mirror image. It is a reference to a rumour that made the rounds some time ago at certain Islamic websites, according to which the sign says, in Arabic, No Mohammed, No Mecca. But the artist gives the mirror image another interpretation. According to him it says To Mohammed, To Mecca. The story behind the work is an urban legend from the Arab world, which has been discredited both by the Coca-Cola Company and authorities in the Muslim world.

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