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What is blasphemy’
Neo-luddism (technophobia)

You walk slow or fast’
I walk fast to the computer

Do you watch porn online’
yes, but maybe its semi-evil

definitely THC

Have you violated anything lately’
uhhhhh, no

Do you play keyboard’
no, I wish.

X, Y or Z’
XYZ the trinity of quantified virtual space

21 songs about..’
spreading love all over the world/ cosmic consciousness/ clubbing

Who is greater than you’
Post-humans from the future

What would you perform on Obama’s 1st election anniversary’
ask me then.

Tell me about experience.
I don’t know what experience is. We can learn more and more about how the brain functions as a machine and still not be able to answer the question, why’ That is the Hard Problem of Consciousness, the difficult problem of explaining not how but why we have qualitative phenomenal experience. This is one of the ultimate philosophical questions, and potentially stands as the permanent roadblock to developing Artificial Intelligence.

What more can you do’
Anything as long as you collaborate with experts in specific fields. We want to work as creative directors in as many media as possible.

Do you buy cool stuff’
mostly just food and weed

Kreuzberg or Brooklyn’
My Dad is from Brooklyn, but I’m definitely glad that our studio is in Kreuzberg, which is much nicer and probably about 30% of the price of the same space in New York City.

Who do you work with’
Nik and I are the core of Aids-3d, but we’ve collaborated with coders, photographers, 3d modelers, dancers, musicians, video editors, Airbrush-experts, CNC-cutting companies, Indian Nanotech researchers, curators, etc.

What can’t you imagine’
Post-Singularity Life

Have you ever protested’
Against the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq when I was a teenager… Didn’t really work, I guess.

Did you ever try cybersex’
In the 90s when I was a kid. But not since then.

Does pop exist’

How would you sell me your .gif art’
I would make it into a big sculpture, and sell you that instead. Or possibly Lenticular prints or on a dedicated new-tech screen.

Are you afraid’
of death or brain damage

Did anyone ask you to stop at some point’


Should we keep producing’
some people should

Do you like to study’
only online, not so much in school

Are all rights reserved’
Media tends to be free, objects can still be precious and unique

What would you give to Andy Warhol on his 70’s birthday’
A Wii

What is going to happen next’
A period of accelerated change that leads towards a techno-paradise for those who can afford it; an ever-increasing disparity between rich and poor until the rich are semi-immortal post-human cyborgs and the poor remain as they are….maybe. Or global warming and energy crises lead to a new dark age. who knows…

Do you vote’
yes, for democrats, but only because its pragmatic.

Did you ever visit Poland’
not yet, but we have an exhibition at Stereo Gallery in Poznan this November

Will you travel to space’
would really like to get involved with space-tourism industry if its developed

Do you smoke cigarettes’

Are you serious’

Is it funny’
Only when its useful

What would you do with a hard drive and no computer’
make it into a sculpture,

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