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Arsenal Contemporary Art, 2020 Rue William, Montréal, QC H3J 1R8

Jon Rafman: Arsenal Montreal

Jon Rafman Erysichthon, 2015 Video

At the heart of this winding installation an Oculus Rift virtual reality piece disorients the viewer, transporting them from gallery to imagined landscape.

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Public Exhibitions, Black Gates, Hassard Street, London, E2 7RD


Kitty Clark: HUMANS UNITE, installation view

Public Exhibitions proudly presents a physical solo show and an online exhibition by Kitty Clark, curated by Valentina Fois.

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Capitain Petzel, Karl-Marx-Allee 45, 10178 Berlin

Sarah Morris: Cloak and Dagger


The second solo exhibition by Sarah Morris at Capitain Petzel, Berlin, Cloak and Dagger, sees a new and recent films and paintings examine the fictional, internal and external architectural landscape inhabited by Fritz Lang who directed the film noir classic, Cloak and Dagger, from which the exhibition gets its title.

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DREI, Hochköppeler Pürling GbR, Arndtstrasse 4, D-50676 Cologne

Christian Freudenberger: tic

o.T. (tic 2, doppelt)

Christian Freudenberger‘s works feature recurring fragments of a collective inventory of images with already inherent aesthetic purposes – comics, company logos, technical everyday objects which are steadily compiled and archived, serving as the basis for tableaus that, during the image finding process, are reduced up until a point at which the fine line between narrative motifs and total abstraction sways back and forth.

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Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, 25 Arthur St, Edinburgh, EH6 5DA

You hardboiled     I softboiled

Installation view, You hardboiled I softboiled, Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, 2017 (Valerie Norris, Music for Intelligent Young Ladies (2013), and, bedroom furniture (2013)).

In this intriguingly titled and intimately composed exhibition, ideas of how love and its stories might be practiced, sought and appropriated move between the published page and spoken word, and are heard through sound and audio. Love is also framed within filmed moments and presented in painted gestures; it is seen in close proximity and recognised across vast distances. The love stories described here are sensed in places, portraits, correspondences and spectres. Review by Alex Hetherington

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East London



FIRST CONTACT will connect East London to the vastness of space-time and channel other forms of consciousness through a series of music performances and an interstellar light installation.

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Bosse & Baum, Unit BGC, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST

Florence Peake: WE perform I am in love with my body

Florence Peake, installation view, WE Perform I am in love with my body, 2017, Bosse & Baum.

Florence Peake’s show at Bosse & Baum, ‘WE perform I am in love with my body,’ comes as close to dance – as close to performance – as you can get. The pieces are so connected with the body, physicality and movement that you just can’t get away from it. Review by Kaitlyn Kane

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BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, South Shore Road, Gateshead NE8 3BA

BALTIC Artists’ Award

Eric N. Mack, A Lesson in Perspective 2017, activated by participant, BALTIC Artists' Award 2017, installation view, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead.

The BALTIC Artists’ Award is a clear attempt to combat some of the issues associated with prize exhibitions through a format that provides an actual and equal opportunity for four artists to develop and showcase significant new bodies of work. The award has no limit on age or nationality, is selected by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists (who also mentor the shortlisted artists) and has no ‘winners’ or ‘losers,’ with prize money (totalling £30,000 per artist) shared equally amongst the four. Review by Amy Jones

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Various, The Azores


Walk&Talk 2017, Joao Paulo, Serafim Naturalis Historiae

For the last seven years, the contemporary art festival Walk&Talk, has been bringing international artists to the Azores to make work in the galleries, museums, and streets of Ponta Delgada and further afield across the rest of São Miguel and Terceira. This year’s programme engages with the unique location, natural environment and history of the islands with playful, self-referential and at times antagonistic artworks considering what it means to live and make work at the periphery. Review by Jessie Bond

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